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Maty - HSCO Ambassador

Maty is the Humane Society of Central Oregon's goodwill ambassador. She visits schools, groups and community events as a key member of the shelter’s humane education program.

When Maty's not visiting schools and groups, teaching them about responsible pet care, animal safety, and many other animal-related topics, she's busy demonstrating the "abilities" of a disabled dog. She has been featured on KTVZ for her abilities to tame feral kittens. Watch the story on Maty here.

Maty is also well-known for her amazing feat of catching Frisbees high up in the air - with only 3 legs! She is the first 3-legged dog to qualify and compete in two Skyhoundz Worlds Canine Disc Dog Championships. Her spirit and determination inspire those with or without physical challenges of their own.

Maty’s been known to dress in costumes that play off her missing leg such as a peg-legged pirate ala Johnny Depp and a surfer dog that survives a shark attack. She’s always willing to go paw-to-paw with four-legged dogs in competitions like Frisbee, skijoring, fastest runner, best trick and fastest eater. Wherever Maty goes, she gets lots of attention and affection. For those facing the decision of amputating their companion animal’s leg, Maty’s abilities provide hope during a difficult time. She’s an inspiration to everyone she meets!

Maty at 3 mos.
Maty has quite a list of accomplishments.
Read her resume here.

Skyhoundz World Disc
Championship '08

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