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Service Opportunities for Students

There are many ways students can offer their skills and passion to help the animals. Our minimum age to volunteer at the shelter is 9 years old. Until they are 16, children need to be actively accompanied by an adult. The minimum age for volunteeiring at our Thrift Store is 16 years. Youth under 9 years of age and students needing community service hours can still get involved and help shelter animals from home. Download our “Crafts & Supply Drives for the Animals” book to discover ways you can help the animals from home. Projects vary from making catnip cat toys to organizing a supply drive for the animals.

If community service hours are needed for a school project, the students are invited to apply for the HSCO Volunteer Program. We understand that schedules are busy and that not all students and adult supervisors will be able to meet the volunteer program requirements but they can still help by completing any of the projects in the activity book. Each activity has predetermined hours assigned to it. The Volunteer Manager will sign off on those hours when you bring your completed activity to the shelter.

Please call the Volunteer Program Manager @ 541-382-3537 if you have questions about Service Opportunities for Students and to arrange a time to drop off a project and get service hours signed.


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