The HSCO Shelter Volunteer Program has a variety of volunteer opportunities. Below is a brief description of the most common opportunities. Please check with the volunteer department to see what opportunities are available. Opportunities may vary throughout the year.

Canine Companion— Volunteers socialize, train, groom and provide enrichment to the dogs in our care.

Feline Friend— Volunteers socialize, train, groom and provide enrichment to the cats in our care.

Shelter Ambassador— Assist the front desk with daily operations, greet and provide customer service to the public, including adoption support.

Shelter Operations— Go behind the scenes to assist kennel staff in the cleaning and preparation of canine and /or feline kennels as well as assisting in a variety of support work to keep the shelter running smooth and safe.

Events and Community Outreach— Volunteers assist at off-site events by educating the public about responsible pet ownership, providing information about HSCO and promoting adoptions.

Vet Clinic Assistant— Clinic volunteers aid the clinic team in stocking, cleaning and recovering animal’s post-surgery.

Reading Volunteer— Tales for Tails is a special division of our volunteer program where youth ages 9-18 provide reading enrichment to animals in our care. No minimum hours to participate in this program.

Volunteer Application
We welcome you to apply to our volunteer program