Our Vision

The Humane Society of Central Oregon recently initiated a strategic planning process to set a bold path into the future for our animal-loving community.

A Multi-Million Dollar Vision

We are determined to strengthen our capacity to serve the changing needs of Central Oregon. We have an energetic vision to transform the organization.

We are pursuing four vital goals. Realizing these goals depends on careful planning, courageous work, and investment from the community.

Vet Services

People and pets throughout Central Oregon have a surprising lack of access to veterinary care. Some live in “veterinary deserts” where the closest care can be an hour away by car. Some do not have the financial resources to pay for spay/neuter procedures, vaccinations, or dental services. Still, others live without homes or vehicles, and their pets live at risk of illness or injury. HSCO is going to fix that with a Mobile Clinic and new public clinic on our campus to serve our neighbors in need.


HSCO will lead the community in delivering programs that support healthy bonds between pets and their people.  We will invest in expanding fostering programs for individuals and families in crisis who need temporary pet care; create educational opportunities for behavior, nutrition, and pet care; increase our efforts to rescue animals from other areas; continue to build partnerships with other organizations with shared values and vision.


HSCO shelter sits on a five-acre footprint. We will use this land to benefit the community by adding isolation kennels to minimize and treat for disease, transform and add to our veterinary clinic, and create space for programs and staff to serve families and their pets.

Invest In
Our People

Providing care to animals and their people requires considerable staff time and attention. Animals must be fed, exercised, treated medically and behaviorally, and held and comforted all day. We will build our capacity to pay competitive wages and offer career growth and professional development. The result will be organizational stability, greater employee satisfaction, and better animal care.

Here’s the Proof

We pride ourselves in our ability to execute and
maximize dollars.